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Q: I'm excited to show off my TRD merchandise! How soon will it ship?

A: We ship every Wednesday via Priority Mail, or you can pick up your new TRD swag at our next event.

Q: How much are shipping charges?
A: Shipping is a flat rate fee of $5.00 with the exception of the TRD umbrellas, which cost a bit more and shipping fees depend on your mailing address. You will be notified via email as to the cost.

Q: I want to send TRD merchandise as a gift. Will you wrap it?

A: No, but we'll put pretty tissue paper in the box.

Q: THE TRD team looked like they were having so much fun! Where did you go?

A: We hung out at Little Miss Brewing located at 7949 Stromesa Court, Suite Y. Go check them out!! It's a cool spot to drink great beer and play darts or a board game with your friends.

Q: I loved the photos! Who took them?
A: We love the photos, too! Lina, of Foolish Wanderer Photography, made us look good. Want more info so you can schedule your own photo shoot? Her website is: